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File: ../src/render/renderSettings.js

/** RenderSettings contains how the scene should be renderer 
* There could be different renderSettings for different scene quality.
* @class RenderSettings
* @constructor

function RenderSettings( o )
	this.renderer_name = null; //null means default

	//global render settings
	this.default_shadowmap_resolution = LS.RenderSettings.default_shadowmap_resolution; //let the system decide best shadowmap resolution according to quality settings
	this.ignore_viewports = false;	//render to full viewport, ignoring the viewport in the cameras
	this.ignore_clear = false;	//skip global clear, used in case you want to mix LiteScene with another renderer
	this.keep_viewport = false; //do not force a full canvas viewport at render start (use the current one in WebGL as the full)
	//this.linear_depth = false; //forces depth to be stored lineally

	this.shadows_enabled = true; //allow shadowmaps
	this.update_shadowmaps = true; //automatically update shadowmaps in every frame (enable if there are dynamic objects)
	this.update_all_shadowmaps = false; //update shadowmaps even if they are not visible

	this.force_wireframe = false; //render everything in wireframe
	this.lights_disabled = false; //flat lighting
	this.quality = RenderSettings.AUTO_QUALITY;

	this.render_all_cameras = true; //render secundary cameras too
	this.render_fx = true; //postprocessing fx
	this.render_gui = true; //render gui
	this.render_helpers = true; //render helpers (for the editor)

	this.layers = 0xFF; //this is masked with the camera layers when rendering

	this.z_pass = false; //enable when the shaders are too complex (normalmaps, etc) to reduce work of the GPU (still some features missing)
	this.frustum_culling = true; //test bounding box by frustum to determine visibility

	this.in_player = true; //is in the player (not in the editor)


RenderSettings.AUTO_QUALITY = 0;
RenderSettings.HIGH_QUALITY = 1;
RenderSettings.MEDIUM_QUALITY = 2;
RenderSettings.LOW_QUALITY = 3;

RenderSettings.default_shadowmap_resolution = 1024;

RenderSettings["@default_shadowmap_resolution"] = { widget: "combo", values: [0,256,512,1024,2048,4096] };
RenderSettings["@layers"] = { type: "layers" };

RenderSettings.prototype.serialize = function()
	return LS.cloneObject(this);

RenderSettings.prototype.configure = function(o)
		for(var i in o)
			this[i] = o[i];

	if(this.layers === null)
		this.layers = 0xFF;

RenderSettings.prototype.toJSON = RenderSettings.prototype.serialize;

LS.RenderSettings = RenderSettings;